Italian fashion label Henry Cotton’s chose Libidex to make latex livery for maids and butlers appearing in the shoot for its spring 2014 collection.

Henry Cotton’s, who describe their products as “embodying a typically British country gentleman’s lifestyle, but with quality standards typical of the Italian manufacturing tradition” wanted to give a bit of a twist to the country house theme by featuring latex-clad maid and butler ‘robots’ attending on the fashion models.

“It was a very imaginative idea and worked very well”, according to our own Simon who led the team working on the project. “The robot masks set off the latex outfits perfectly, and give a kinkily surreal edge to the whole shoot.”

The Henry Cotton's brand draws inspiration from the British golfer Henry Thomas Cotton whose love for taste and elegance in clothing led him to develop a his own very distinct style. The brand, created in 1978 combining the principles of informal elegance with the golfing tradition and outdoor functionality, underwent a major repositioning in the 1990s to place it in the modern country segment.