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  • Libidex POP UP SHOP

    facebook halloween 2018

    We will have a huge range of Libidex latex clothing, everything 50% - 80% OFF!

    We will be open 3 days a week

    Thursday 25th Oct: 12pm - 7pm
    Friday 26th Oct: 12pm - 7pm
    Saturday 27th Oct: 12pm - 7pm
    Wednesday 31st Oct: 12pm - 7pm
    Thursday 1st Nov: 12pm - 7pm
    Friday 2nd Nov: 12pm - 6pm

    We recommend to bring cash to save time at the check out.

    Announcing the exclusive Libidex Halloween Premier Shopping Event! Libidex is inviting 70 people to our famous pop-up shop event a day before opening to the general public!

    As our Halloween pop-up shop gets bigger and better every year, we have decided to create a more welcoming atmosphere by having a special ticket only opening event for a limited amount of people. This means no queuing to get in, less waiting for the changing rooms and reducing the long queue to check out! Best of all, you get to see everything we have on sale, before anyone else! This is no ordinary pop-up shop, help yourself to a glass of bubbly and treats, to really shop in style. Our Libidex assistants will have more time to help you if you need to decide which outfit to go for this Halloween or to pick out the best bargains!
    Our Premier Event will be split into two time slots to reduce waiting time even more! On Wednesday 24th October we will open the doors to the first 35 ticket holders at 12pm for 3 hours only. And then again to the second 35 tickets holders at 5pm for 3 hours only.
    First time slot Ticket Holder Price: £20 // Second time slot Ticket Holder Price £15.

    Advance tickets will be available on our website only. There are only 70 tickets available and they will be released on 1st October 12:00 BST so be quick, you do not want to miss out! Tickets are not available on the door, or at Liberation. One entry per ticket. No re-entry. You must print your tickets or bring them with you on your smartphone to the event along with photo ID (eg. Driving Licence / Passport) showing the same name as on the tickets.
    All tickets are issued in the lead party members name.
    Only the lead party member needs to show ID however ALL party members must attend the show at the same time.

    Our Halloween Pop-up shop will then open to the public as normal from Thursday 25th October 12pm-7pm.

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  • Libidex featured in cutting edge fashion magazine Irk

    We would like to share with you these super stylish photographs featured in the latest edition of cutting edge fashion magazine Irk.  The gorgeous Bunny hood with Pink ears, seen here, was custom made especially for our Japanese friend and fetish model extraordinaire, Asuka who is also the model in this

    incredible editorial.

    Images by Karl Doyle

    Models Asuka and Ena -Latex Libidex and Kurage Japan.

    Asuka2 Asuka3 Asuka4 SMALLcopy Asuka5 Asukasmall1

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  • Libidex Leggings featured in the Central Saint Martin London Fashion week graduation Show.

    We had great fun designing these gorgeous Stirrup leggings in funky colours for Paula Canovas del Vas's final show…/the-next-generation-of-talent…

    Paula Canovas del Vas’s collection was all about designing for empowered women. “I feel that every time there’s a womenswear designer making empowering clothes for women, they imitate menswear,” the designer explained. “As a woman designing for women, and as a consumer, I feel myself very restricted – it’s either very frigid or the very hot look.” This manifesto for powered-up female dressers came in the form of mixing the unexpected: a draped undergarment with an embossed felt jacket acting as armour in a bold palette of pink and yellow; PVC trousers mixed with mohair tops; giant shoulders that invited the wearer to take up more space. “There’s so much to explore as a woman designing for women: I want it hot, powerful, sexy, and elegant, all of those things in one. I feel like it’s my duty,” she finished.

    PC Paula C 4 3

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  • Our gorgeous Madonna dress featured in the latest edition of Love magazine

    A superb styled favoured by our plus size clientele now it seems the fashion crowd is also in love with this beautifully tailored dress. Originally designed as a wedding dress, it has a delicate filigree neck line, 3/4 sleeves and a super romantic full circle skirt. So wherever your shape, this timeless classic piece is a most to all fetishistas and fashionistas alike.


    Rebelle Blackx correct-1

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  • New Male Fetish Fashion Collection

    The wait is over. Our new Male Fetish Fashion collection is now available in our website And the great news is that we have a 25% OFF sale to launch this exciting new range.

    We have, for the first time in our site, some fantastic new items - like our Varsity Jacket, Gladiator Kilts, Adult Romper suit, full-length male coats, PLUS: over 6 new styles of catsuits, 20 new Tops and Polo shirts, including some funky and fun designs, as well as timeless classics like Sailor tops, two incredible-looking Polo Shirts themed with the Union Jack and Empire Of the Rising Sun flag. Cool and funky T-shirts and much more.

    We've designed lots of new jackets in various styles including biker, dinner, tuxedo and double-breasted, to name but a few.
    And that's not all!  We have loads of new styles of trousers and leggings such as suit trousers, uniforms, rave, sports gear, medical - you get the picture?!
    We have also revisited some of our classics, like the Police top now available as shirt with press studs instead of front zip.
    You will be spoilt for choice.
    In total, this brand new collection features over 130 new male styles and this is only part 1, with part 2 following in the next few months.


    pro_9_33 copy pro_9_53 copy pro_11_6 pro_12_22 copy pro_12_29 copy pro_12_33 pro_12_34 pro_12_38 pro_12_51 pro1_11_46 pro1_11_60 pro1_11_64 pro3_7_9


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  • Male Pin up shoot by award winning photographer Nicolai Kormun

    We absolutely love these incredibly stylish images of model Petar Perovic wearing  some seriously hot Lbidex male fashion.

    Photography by Nicolai Kormun


    Nicolai Kornum Photography
    London based Photographer/Videographer


    PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (1) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (2) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (3) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (4) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (5) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (7) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (9) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (11) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (13) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (15) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (16) (1) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (17) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (20) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (21) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (23) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (24) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (25) PETAR PEROVIC by Nicolai Kornum (27)

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  • "HARD AND HEAVY” PART II - New male collection is available now.

    The wait is over!  Our "HARD AND HEAVY” PART II, the new Libidex male collection,
    is now available via our website.
    With over 130 brand new styles, there's bound to be something to captivate you amongst this new range - from rebel boy biker jackets to slick single-breasted and double-breasted coats.
    For those of you who are into role playing, we have you covered with some hot new catsuits and dog and pony hoods.
    Not to mention our new medical styles, like the Doctor coat and hospital gowns.
    For our ever-expanding cross-dresser customers, we now have some of your favourite female items in male sizes. Such as the PRINCESS dress, SEDUCTION catsuit, BURLESQUE dress, as well as corsets and suspender briefs with cock holes, to name but a few.
    If you are into sissification, you will love our new male MAID and DOLLY outfits and some of our fabulous ponytail hoods.
    This collection is not called HARD AND HEAVY for no reason. We have some very exciting new leg and arm binders, bondage sleepsacks. neck corsets, bondage corsets and collars, as well as over 10 new hood styles.
    This is not all, you will find for the first time in our range super cool lederhosen, sailor leggings and shorts,
    Last, but not least, we are proud to launch our first foray into LATEX BEDDING. You'll be thrilled to know we've designed some beautiful bed sets, including pillowcases, bed sheets, and duvet covers.  You can now lounge the nights away in pure latex heaven.
    Check our new range and let us know your thoughts. We love receiving feedback from our customers.

    pro (6) copy pro (7) copy pro (8) copy pro (9) copy pro copy pro1 (4) copy pro1 copy pro2 copy pro3 copy TWB_1833 x copy

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  • Portrait of a lady by Tim Walker

    Libidex has been featured in the latest issue of Love magazine.

    Eva Herzigova was pictured wearing our Lucretia Gown by the legendary fashion photographer extraordinaire Tim Walker.
    A pair of our Long gloves in Smoky Black was also featured in this bosomy surreal shoot called "Portrait of a lady" which was based on the the works of artist John Currin.


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  • "Hard & Heavy" Part 1

    Our new male collection has now been launched with a BANG and a 25% off sale! We have worked tirelessly to bring you this exciting new range of all things kinky!
    With close to 100 brand new pieces available now and more been added daily, we have some hot bondage wear that includes body bags, sleep sacks and slave catsuits. We've  created full body suits complete with buckles, D-rings and straps that will satisfy the most submissive between you.

    We've also updated some of our classic styles to appeal to the more sexually adventurous in our community such as the leggings and shorts with codpieces and attached sheaths. Whether you prefer the  frisky "Balls Out Shorts" or our  enticing "Hardcore Leggings", there's bound to be something in this collection that will certainly hit your G spot!

    There are a variety of new bondage mittens and hoods to deprive you of your key senses - perfect for the experienced and unquenchable fetish players that always crave for more. But don't worry if you are a beginner and new to all of this, there are some intriguing  introduction pieces such as the Champion robe or the Basic Apron.
    You asked for it and we've heard you so now you can have the male versions of some of our most popular female styles, such as a new Male corsets and The Duke catsuit (based in our much loved Princess catsuit). We're also be offering the "Hard & Heavy"  in our new extended sizes 3 XL and 4 XL for the majority of the this range.
    If you still haven't found what you are looking for in this range, please keep checking our website as there are new items been added everyday.
    And this is not all as we'll be soon shooting "Hard and Heavy" part II, III and IV, so watch this space!

    pro_6_7 copy pro_6_28 copy pro_6_54 copy pro_6_76 copy pro_6_87 (1) copy pro_6_111 copy pro_6_16 copy pro_6_39 copy pro_6_98 copy

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  • Mistress Eve in full Libidex attire

     We just love this iconic set if images from Mistress Eve wearing some hot Libidex fashion photographed against the House of Parliament in London.


    aaa - CopyQB7A5180 copy copy copy - Copy QB7A5116 copy - Copy QB7A5039 copy - Copy QB7A5015 copy copy copy - Copy QB7A4998 copy - Copy QB7A4959 copy - Copy





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    Libidex were thrilled to have supplied the latex clothes seen in last week’s episode of the hit series, The Royals.
    If know your Libidex fashion, you’d quickly recognise our Veronica Corset Dress worn by actress Sarah Dumont ( Mandy), who is Princess
    Eleanor’s new girlfriend.
    Libidex supplied all the latex for the club scene where Eleanor and Mandy hit it off for the first time.

    The Royals is an American television drama series that premiered on E! on March 15, 2015. Created by Mark Schwahn, it is the network's first scripted series. The show is a loose adaptation of the Michelle Ray novel Falling for Hamlet. E! renewed The Royals for a second season two months before its debut. Elizabeth Hurley stars as Queen Helena, a fictional contemporary queen consort of England, along with William Moseley and Alexandra Park as her twin children, Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor, Jake Maskall as Helena's brother-in-law and nemesis, the new King Cyrus, Tom Austen as Eleanor's bodyguard and blackmailer, Jasper, and Oliver Milburn as Ted, the Royal Family's head of security. Season 1 also starred Vincent Regan as Helena's husband, King Simon and Merritt Patterson as Liam's love interest, Ophelia.


    12440788_1189826727696893_1885232511171046840_o 12841148_1189826721030227_5954733056653027206_o 12841324_1189826724363560_6185117550980621421_o IMG_20160307_231624

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    Libidex is thrilled to share with you all, these stunning high fashion images shot by the supper talented photographer and filmmaker-Josh Brandao.

    This highly stylised shoot was a homage to the artistic vision of photographer Jean Paul Goude and his partner in crime, none other than Miss Grace Jones.

    This is a cover story with a 20 page spread for Nord, a luxury fashion magazine based in Toronto Canada.
    Available in print and on-line

    Featured latex: Seduction catsuit, Officer uniform, Military hat, Princess High cut Leotard and Savoy Tail coat all available from

    Photography by Josh Brandao

    Josh Brandão
    instagram|@joshbrandao twitter|@joshbrandao

    417 420 (1) 421 423 424 425 4267432446-21307418cd03585d3a9e7684052ba571

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