'The Gimp Man of Essex' donates £1 to the Colchester Mind charity every time someone posts a photo with him to his Facebook page, which has over 3,000 likes.

He said most people he came across on the streets were friendly, but others made assumptions that he was some weird paedophile or a pervert".

So far he has raised £850 for charity.

He said most people were very friendly.

Usually, as you already know if you ventured this far into our website a bondage suit, or "gimp suit", is normally made from PVC, leather or rubber, and is used in bondage sessions, discipline, domination and submission scenarios, sadism and masochism (BDSM) or in his case to catch people's eyes to his good cause. So to parade around in the quaint county of Essex in full fetish regalia is not only a novel, unique and absolutely brilliant way to call attention to ones's cause but most importantly it's showing people that latex clothes is nothing to be ashamed of but we are sure you already agree with us on this topic.

"When I first started venturing out kitted in my catsuit and my Libidex full face hood, someone suggested I should do it in the name of charity, and that is how the idea to help the Colchester Mind charity was born".

James McQuiggan, the chief executive of Colchester Mind, said the charity was thankful for Gimp Man's support and donations.

So folks if you sympathise with his work you can help him help other by donating anything you can to the charity link below.


Photo by Nigel @ NSW Inpressions photography
Photo by Nigel @ NSW Inpressions photography

Photo by Nigel @ NSW Inpressions photography

Photo by .dark. @ www.iamthedark.co.uk