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June 2014

  1. Blanc magazine

    LILITH Photography by Andrew Hiles Fashion Editing by Aiden ConnorHair Styling by Zoe IrwinMake up by Heidi NorthFashion Assistance by Larissa BeschModelling by Bailey at AMCKSophie Drake at STORM
  2. Project L

    Project L
    Their unique approach on how and where to wear latex clothes has captivated and mesmerized us by their sheer beauty and distinctive style. Latex attire don't always need to be erotic or sexually charged, it can also be worn day by day as Tuomas lenses show so eloquently. Photography by Tuomas Siitonen
  3. Candy Valentina

    Candy Valentina
    How absolutely gorgeous are these photos of Candy Valentine wearing our Metropolis corset? They are featured in the latest edition of the super cool girls with attitude  Please view  the Metropolis corset here Photography:

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