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February 2023

  1. Libidex Blog Celebrity No.1: Evilyn13 from Vancouver, Canada

    We’re delighted to introduce you to our very first Libidex Blog Celebrity: Vancouver’s Evilyn13!

    Evilyn is a cosplayer, model and DJ with a taste for latex and a love of retro style that often sees her compared with legendary ’50s bondage queen Bettie Page.

    She may already be known to you, as, with her Restricted Entertainment partner DJ Pandemonium, she’s also co-host of Vancouver’s long-running Sin City Fetish Nights and the increasingly popular Vancouver Fetish Weekend. This annual gathering returns this year on July 27-31 for five days of events including the now-legendary VIP Fetish Cruise.

    Evilyn has also DJ’d, presented or walked the fashion runway at some big US events. She has an annual DJ residency at Fetish Factory’s Florida Fetish Weekend and she has both hosted and DJ’d at the Dallas Fetish Ball.

    She is also no stranger to Europe, having made a big impression when she appeared at Berlin’s German Fetish Ball Weekend in 2015. And it was a trip to London two years later that gave her the chance to visit one of our Libidex Pop-Up Shops.

    “This was my first time in London,’ she tells us, “and my first time at the Libidex Pop-Up Shop I had heard so much about. I wish I lived closer!”

    Nevertheless, she didn’t waste the opportunity, and picked up our Princess Corset Catsuit (£364.95), which we think you’ll agree contrasts rather nicely with the red and black of the spanking bench in our pictures by Vancouver photographer Frankie Panky.

    The other pictures feature our Seduction Catsuit (£319.95) in raspberry pink latex, which Evilyn ordered online after a friend recommended it to her.

    “I was curious how the boob pockets would work with my body because as we all know, the latex mashes the girls down like pancakes, which can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable.

    But, she adds: “I am happy to report the suit is very comfortable and I love it. These images of it were taken by Canadian Fetish Photos and published in Twisted Edge Magazine.”

    We are of course glad to know that no boobs were mashed by our catsuits. Especially as we first saw these pictures on February 21st, a date Brits may recognise as Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. Yes, really!


    Image:  Frankie Panky.

    Image:  Frankie Panky.

    Image:  Canadian Fetish Photos

    Image: Canadian Fetish Photos

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  2. Our Flirty & Frisky brand-new female range has finally landed on our site

    Our Flirty & Frisky brand-new female range has finally landed on our site.

    And it is safe to say this is by far our most daring and aesthetically audacious collection to date.

    With over a hundred outrageously sexy designs, it includes some killer catsuits, leotards, surf suits, dresses, boleros, tops, skirts, harnesses and femkinis.

    Available in sizes 2XS to 6XL and petite, regular and tall lengths on selected items.

    Not for the faint hearted, the Flirty & Frisky range is for those who love their latex uncensored, obscenely fun, intensively erotic and fit for purpose!

    We are often asked to turn up the heat on some of our more fashion-based designs, by revamping them into sexier getups by adding crotch, rear, and breast access options, and this served as great inspiration. No open crotch option was left unturned, nor breast or rear access possibilities unvisited.

    We’ve (un)covered it all. This is undoubtedly the most revealing selection of garments we’ve ever designed!
    This range is for the sexually adventurous – those wanting to broaden their kinky horizons whilst exploring their wildest fantasies and desires.

    For all the fierce and fabulous female and female-identifying vixens out there, this collection with all its scandalous features will bring out the flirty and playful seducer in all of you, catering to your every need!




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  3. Fetish style is the winner on this year’s Brits red carpet!

    Fetish style is the winner on this year’s Brits red carpet!

    Fetish style — including latex, leather and other fet-inspired looks — was chosen by a surprising number of celebrities (or their stylists) for their red carpet appearances at last Saturday’s Brit Awards.

    Leading the field of celebs embracing (or being embraced by) kink style was Sam Smith, sporting a black latex suit with ‘balloon’ arms and legs.

    The outfit was created by Harri, a London College of Fashion Masters degree holder whose recent London Fashion Week debut with his distinctive inflatable designs garnered many fashion page column inches.

    If Sam Smith looked a mite uncomfortable in his vaguely insectoid latex costume (later the subject of various Photoshop parodies including one by Ricky Gervais), nobody on the Brits’ red carpet looked more at home in their fetishistic attire than comic actress and writer Daisy May Cooper.

    The This Country star’s in-your-face dominatrix outfit — allegedly a combination of latex, leather and wetlook — might have been an ironic choice, but Daisy carried it off with the panache of a genuine domme.

    No wonder ITV, which was broadcasting the event, failed to censor her near-the-knuckle onstage quip about meeting the Sugarbabes in the ladies’ loos. Who, after all, would have been brave enough to hit the mute button on a woman looking as fierce as that?

    Predictably, tabloid commentators who had to swiftly provide descriptive captions for the photos coming in of the Brits’ red carpet kinkery made some wild guesses that were sometimes well wide of the mark.

    For example Munroe Bergdorf’s shiny black gown was described by some as PVC when it was clearly a classic Atsuko Kudo latex number.

    Ashnikko’s gown — a transparent latex creation complete with gigantic ‘buboes’, by Hydra designer Anna Gloria Flores — was evidently too confusing for some pundits to say anything at all about it, at first!

    You want leather? Ellie Goulding wore a black moulded breastplate by Cameron Hancock that might have been. Megan McKenna wore a black cowgirl outfit that could have been. Salma Hayek wore a black Alexander McQueen corset dress that definitely was.

    And Billie Piper? She wore neither latex nor leather, but a pink-bra-topped, cream-sleeved Roberto Cavalli catsuit. The black bottom half, in what looked like high-end Lycra, hugged her figure so tightly, it appeared to have been literally sprayed-on. The lady has definitely come a long way since Doctor Who!

    Sam Smith in ‘balloon’ outfit by Harri
    (photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock)

    Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen leather corset dress
    (photo: Press Association)

    Ashnikko in latex gown by Hydra’s Anna Gloria Flores
    (photo: Reuters)

    Megan McKenna in ‘leather’ cowgirl outfit
    (photo: David fisher/Shutterstock)

    Daisy May Cooper in ‘latex, leather and wetlook’ dominatrix look
    (photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage)

    Munroe Bergdorf in Atsuko Kudo latex gown
    (photo: Press Association)

    Billie Piper in Roberto Cavalli catsuit
    (photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

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  4. Send us your latex photos – and become a Libidex Blog Celebrity!

    We’re pleased to see you’ve enjoyed the relaunch of our Libidex Blog, with its promise of regular stories about latex in the news — whether that be from the fetish scene or mainstream celebrity culture!

    Now here’s some good news for those latex lovers who have not quite reached the dizzy heights of international stardom: you don’t have to be a Hollywood A-Lister to be a Libidex Blog Celebrity!

    Just send us a photo or photos of you and/or your pals wearing Libidex latex — which of course includes anything from our LatexExpress site, Liberation store or our Popup Shops.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have model looks. As long as you feel good in your Libidex latex, please consider sharing your pictures with us. That said, actual model pictures are also very welcome!

    So why not get your rubber on and get snapping — or dig out those great pictures you’ve been sitting on for too long! Unpublished pix are great to receive, but pix you’ve already shared on social media are welcome too.

    Some pointers to ensuring the best chances of your photos being published…

    Photos of the size and quality you would normally post on social media will usually be fine. If you’re not keen on revealing your identity, hoods, masks, sunglasses etc are all acceptable. But please, no headless photos!

    In your covering email, please make clear whether individual items in your pictures were sourced from Libidex or another brand. Mention style names of our pieces if you happen to know them.

    Tell us about yourself, including: the name you wish to be known by if pictures are used; approximate home location (eg nearest city); country if outside the UK. If any separate photographer credits are needed, provide details and make sure you have their permission to send us their photos.

    Finally, include a brief anecdote relating to the latex in your photos. This could be about buying it, trying it on, wearing at an event, what a partner thinks of it, what other people say about it, etc. If you like the way Libidex latex makes you look and feel, tell us why (but no filth please!).

    Email your pictures and details to: [email protected]




    Image Tatiana D'Andrea


    Image Nic Merchant

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  5. Three big latex weekends ahead! German Fetish Ball, Florida Fetish Weekend, Texas Latex Party

    Three big latex weekends ahead! German Fetish Ball, Florida Fetish Weekend, Texas Latex Party

    Three of the international partying scene’s most important latex-focused annual gatherings are coming up in the first half of 2023.

    All are multi-day events where latex is the dominant fetishwear option, making them great opportunities to mix with other rubber-loving folk from near and far and show off your fetish finery. For one of them, this year’s event will also be its final get-together.

    But first the good news. It’s only just February and the German Fetish Ball Weekend — the scene’s most prestigious international gathering — has already confirmed four designer shows for this year’s Ball on May 20.

    Those brands are Jaded Jewall (masks) and Tarza & Jane (latex daywear) both from Germany, plus Blacklickorish (latex) and Dan Miga Designs (latex and leather) both from the USA.

    Discussions are reportedly under way right now with two more designers interested in staging shows in Berlin. So we might well see 2023’s final runway tally matching the eight-brand line-up of some earlier GFB years.

    After last year’s temporary move to Club Ost, the Berlin Ball itself makes a welcome return to previous riverside venue Spindler & Klatt. The full five-day programme (May 17-21), will include FetishGuerilla Revolution at KitKat and the German Fetish Fair, plus some prospective new additions.

    In the US, the latex-friendly Florida Fetish Weekend in late May sometimes clashes directly with the German Fetish Ball dates as both programmes are tied into public holidays whose dates move around each year.

    This year, however, FFW (at venues around Fort Lauderdale) is scheduled for May 25-28 — the week after GFB Weekend. So globe-trotting kinksters who have sometimes bemoaned having to choose between these two big fetish fests will have absolutely no excuse for not attending both in 2023!

    This year’s Florida Fetish Weekend has lopped one day off its traditional five-day programme, but it will still offer a varied programme of six indoor and outdoor parties and the bonus of a full hotel takeover for guests.

    Last but not least, sad news that the 30th anniversary of the legendary Texas Latex Party, which takes place next month (March 2-5) in a Houston hotel will be its final event.

    In its announcement, the TLP Board said: “While there may never be another event like TLP, we certainly expect our guests to find new ways to celebrate their love for fetish, friendships, parties, laughs, crazy pool parties, dancing on slippery floors, amazing vendors and fashion shows.”

    If you fancy joining TLP for their last hurrah but you’re not already known to them, contact them via their website below to request an invitation.


    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Jaded Jewall

    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Blacklickorish Latex
    (Image: Kylie Jenner)

    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Dan Miga Designs

    German Fetish Ball 2023 fashion show: Tarza & Jane



    Florida Fetish Weekend Pervy Pool Party (Photo: EVG)

    Florida Fetish Weekend Beat & Greet Party (Photo: Danielle Amore)

    Florida Fetish Weekend Beat & Greet Party (Photo: James Holmes)

    Florida Fetish Weekend (Photo: JHP)



    Texas Latex Party: ending this March after 30 years

    Texas Latex Party: ending this March after 30 years

    Texas Latex Party: ending this March after 30 years

    Photo credit : Nina Cedar.

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