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Introducing Libidex's new Male Fashion Range! We have designed a huge range of stylish tops and trousers. Libidex has cleverly divided the collection into 6 categories to help you focus on a style you have in mind! Browse through the following..

DANDY MAN- Elaborate designs that aren't afraid to go too bold, find frilly shirts and stripey trousers in this category. STYLE MAN - Our classic Libidex favourites with a twist! These designs will be you next staple items that goes perfectly with anything. COOL MAN- the rubber take on a 'casual but smart' dress code, find two toned long sleeve buttons shirts and easy to wear jeans. PARTY MAN- Club friendly items with colourful panels and lots of harness included outfits! FIT MAN- a sporty range including numbered tops and baseball style shorts. ACTION MAN- a collection of outfits subtlety inspired by classic uniform dress. There's something for everyone!

We will be releasing more categories and items through-out the coming days so stay tuned for more!

185 Item(s)
185 Item(s)
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