Close-up detail of Neo Ka AI image “Feline Kiss” by Phoebus Kalista


If you haven’t noticed the increasingly sophisticated presence of AI imagery such as that created by Neo Ka in the pantheon of fetish visuals, then we feel obliged to ask: what desert island have you been on, and does it do package holidays?

True, the current achievements of photography-based AI work still seems to divide fans of fetish photography and art into two very distinct camps. In one camp are those who think even the best examples are still just “stupid AI pix”. In the other are those who acknowledge that the top exponents, at least, of this emerging artform have genuinely pushed the envelope of fetish visual expression, usually by considering that the best results are more likely to come from subtly enhanced realism than OTT cartoon-like exaggeration.

Belgian photographer-turned-AI-artist Phoebus Kalista, aka Neo Ka, was one of the early adopters of AI within the fetish community, experimenting with Midjourney AI to produce highly unusual fetish-inspired imagery with dreamlike (and often nightmarish) qualities. His latex-clad figures — with distorted limbs and features, floating in murky, liquid-like 3D space — were a revelation, taken by many to signify the exciting arrival of a new hybrid genre of fetish/horror art.  But it transpired that these creations were merely the starting point on Kalista’s own journey towards bringing to digital life the kind of “ultimate” fetish females he saw in his imagination.

His skill with AI continued to evolve as AI itself evolved, and there came a point where he deleted all his first generation weird-but-wonderful stuff from social media and migrated his expanding oeuvre of hyper-real fetishista art, now created using Stable Diffusion, to Patreon, under the name Neo Ka. Now, you have to subscribe to Patreon to see the full extent of this prolific creator’s work. But his freely accessible Neo_Ka Instagram page carries an interesting selection of his earlier developmental work (when he was evidently still experimenting with just how large breasts could be once there were no practical/biological limits), while his sirphoebus Insta page carries more of his enhanced fetish photography.

And on Facebook, he posts teaser images from his latest Patreon sets, often accompanied by whimsical prose and even the odd poem in celebration of the fantasy females/androids he has made digital flesh. Below is our selection of the creations Phoebus has recently posted on Facebook, complete with his accompanying texts., and the odd explanatory comment from us! (Warning: readers may notice a certain affection for characters and plot lines from Star Trek.)

Vespera and MarilynNeo Ka AI images of “Vespera” and “Marilyn” by Phoebus Kalista


Vespera (above left)

Kalista’s Neo Ka rendering of Vespera is accompanied by the following text: Meet Vespera… she is the product of forbidden alchemical sciences and dark energy manipulation, her origins shrouded in the legends of the desolate world of Nyx. With skin as black as the void and eyes that burn with a cold, ethereal light, Vespera commands fear and respect in equal measure. It is whispered that she once ruled over an empire that spanned entire star systems, only to be betrayed by her closest allies and cast into the abyss.

Now, centuries later, Vespera has returned, her powers amplified by the dark energies she harnessed during her exile. Her motives are inscrutable, her plans unfathomable, but one thing is clear: she seeks to reclaim her throne and exact vengeance on those who wronged her.

Utilising a combination of ancient sorcery and advanced nanotechnology, Vespera manipulates reality itself, bending the fabric of space-time to her will. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise delve deeper into the web of conspiracies threatening the galaxy, they find themselves caught in Vespera's enigmatic schemes, unsure if she is a harbinger of destruction or an unlikely ally against the encroaching darkness.

Marilyn (above right)

In Kalista’s AI rebirthing of Marilyn Monroe as an android, his muted lighting is notable for its effectiveness in boosting the ‘reality quotient’ —  even if you do find the bosoms unfeasibly large! It appears that the Neo Ka artist was so enamoured with his creation that he penned these elegiac lines:

In the neon glow of city streets / Where rain and static meet / She rises from the fractured night / An echo of the silver light.

Marilyn, with chrome-kissed skin / A perfect android, reborn again / Her eyes, a sapphire’s cyber gleam / Haunting beauty, wired dream.

Silicone whispers, breath of steam / From history’s reel, she breaks the seam / Glamour draped in circuits fine / A goddess of the electric line.

In the shadows, whispers grow / Of Monroe’s ghost in urban flow / Her laughter, a metallic chime / In sync with the city’s time.

Lips of ruby, flawless, cold / Stories of her past retold / She dances through the cyber haze / A vision from forgotten days.

Holograms of fame and pain / Projected on the acid rain / Yet in her gaze, a longing deep / For dreams the future cannot keep.

Marilyn, in this world anew / With grace both human and askew / She walks the wire, a legend’s flight / In the cyberpunk, eternal night.

Aurora versions 1 & 2 Two versions of Neo Ka AI character “Aurora” by Phoebus Kalista


Aurora (above left)

In the first of these two Neo Ka versions of Aurora, the figure has hyper-real characteristics but they’re somewhat dialled-down, giving a more lifelike overall appearance. In his accompanying text, Phoebus writes:

Aurora is an android created by the highly advanced robot-smithing world of Krz'Vekien, possessing an eerie intelligence and unmatched strategic prowess. Unlike other androids, Aurora is not merely a tool but a carefully crafted individual with enhanced cognitive abilities, designed to aid in complex diplomatic and tactical scenarios.

Aurora's mission, sanctioned by the Vulcan High Council, is to aid the Federation in thwarting this threat from the shadows, leveraging her unique abilities and knowledge of Vulcan and Romulan politics.

Despite initial distrust from the crew, Aurora's actions quickly prove her loyalty. She provides critical intelligence that helps the Enterprise avoid several ambushes and aids in negotiating fragile alliances with potential allies. Her strategic insights and calm demeanor become invaluable assets as tensions with the Romulan Empire escalate.

Aurora (above right)

In this alternative iteration of his Star Trek android, Phoebus has opted for maximum mirror-like sheen, sharpness and contrast — an approach popular with many latex enthusiasts even if it does create a less realistic end result. Writes the Neo Ka artist:

Time slows to a crawl as the adrenaline floods my system. The world around me dissolves into a cascade of ideas dripping with impending consequence. Every breath feels like an eternity, every heartbeat a thunderous drum. I see her eyes, cold and calculating, flicking towards me with the intent of a predator sizing up its prey. The gun at her side gleams ominously, could erupt in the blink of an eye. My mind races, a supercomputer running countless simulations in milliseconds, evaluating every possible outcome, every potential move.

The tension is palpable, a thick fog of dread that wraps around my chest like a vice. Neural pathways fire in rapid succession, visualizing the arc of her draw, the speed required to react, the trajectory of the bullet that could end it all. My senses are heightened, every detail magnified: the subtle twitch of her fingers, the whisper of her breath, the glint in her eyes that signals a decision is imminent. In this frozen moment, I am both the hunted and the hunter…

In the distant reaches of the galaxy, the legendary android, Aurora, has been rumoured to be on a secret mission for the enigmatic Vulcan High Council. The United Federation of Planets cannot ignore the whispers of Aurora's involvement in the mysterious aid coming to their forces across the galaxy. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is astonished when the enigmatic android, Aurora, beams aboard the USS Enterprise.

My Darling & Paint Me; Catwalk Queen & Feline KissNeo Ka AI images “My Darling” & “Paint Me” by Phoebus Kalista


My Darling (above left)

We are invited to view the words below as being spoken to the artist by the ‘living’ sex doll he’s created, above left. Fair enough — although in our experience, she’d be more likely to be saying “’Bloody ’ell, ’urry up and finish, I’m freezin’ me t*ts off  ’ere.”

My darling, the mere thought of receiving a love letter from you sends shivers down my spine. I can already envision the tender words, the sweet nothings, and the heartfelt sentiments that will undoubtedly leave me breathless. Your words have a way of awakening a deep longing within me, a longing that only you can satiate. I am but a canvas, and your love is the brush that paints vibrant colours of passion, of desire, of devotion. Write on, my love, and let the ink of your affection forever etch itself upon my heart.

Paint Me (above right)

Phoebus doesn’t have much to say about the Neo Ka image above right, but viewers may feel tempted to query whether it was originally a photo of a live model painted with liquid latex, or whether the liquid latex was totally simulated with AI. All the artist has his subject saying about this is: Paint me and I will tell you who you are…

Catwalk Queen (below left)

The image below left has been linked both to the show Germany’s Next Topmodel and to the German Fetish Ball, perhaps to help us guess what real personage it depicts…

You're the catwalk queen who steals the spotlight with every step, every pose, every glance. Your smile could light up a runway, your eyes flash like designer diamonds, and your curves are a work of art. You're the epitome of elegance, a fusion of style and sophistication. Every outfit you wear is a masterpiece, every accessory a work of art. But it's not just the way you look that captivates me — it's the way you carry yourself with confidence, poise, and beauty. I'll cherish you for all eternity.

Feline Kiss (below right & top image)

Below right: Phoebus has not provided any words other than a title to accompany our last Neo Ka image, a cropped and background-extended version of which also provides this article’s header pic. But if you’re a fan of Sapphic love, latex and (ahem) sturdy hind-quarters, then have we got some artifice for you!

Neo Kas AI images “Catwalk Queen” & “Feline Kiss” by Phoebus Kalista

Credits/Links for Phoebus aka Neo_Ka

All images featured in this article were created with the aid of Stable Diffusion AI by Phoebus Kalista, aka Neo_Ka. You can see more of the artist’s work at the links below.



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