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Bind Sleepsack

Main Latex Thickness: 0.80mm

A spectacular version from our range of sleepsacks. The very thick Bind Sleepsack features extra large D-rings running all the way down the front of the body. The D-rings are perfect for lacing up with your long bondage rope (not included) to create this look. This sleepsack is available with either Front or Back zip with 3 sliders, and includes internal sleeves to keep arms in place. It is seen here with Full Face Hood, that is not included, but can be attached at an extra cost. Made in 0.80mm latex. Seen here in Black.

Size Chart below refers to fit of chest including arms. Please note the sleepsack is in 0.80mm so will be a tight fit! These are NOT garment measurements, these are to fit!

CM  95-99   99.5-104  104.5-108   108-112   112-116   115-120   119.5-124   123-128   127-132 
INCH 37-39 39-41 41-42.5 42.5-44 44-46 45.5-47 47-49 48.5-50.5 50-52

Bind Sleepsack

A spectacular version from our range of sleepsacks.
Primary Colour:
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Length :
Tall (Above 6 ft+ = 182cm)Regular (5'7"-6ft = 170-183cm
Zip Style:
Front ZipBack Zip
Lower Body:
NoneFront Short Crotch Zip - For back zip option onlyBack Short Rear Zip - For Front zip option only

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