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If it’s latex clothing you’re after, you’re in the right place. Libidex are couturiers to the latex fashion world, and one of the leading designers and makers of fetish fashion garments for men and women. We offer over 1,000 different styles ranging from latex bras and lingerie, hoods, corsets, dresses, stockings, tops, pants and shorts, through to rubber skirts, aprons and kilts, and of course the famous Libidex latex catsuits – our speciality! You can either have your garments made to order (in any size and any colour – there are 60 latex sheet colours to choose from!); or if you can’t wait to get your hands on our latex clothing, choose from our off-the-peg LatexEXPRESS collection.



Our London Boutique

Our fetish store Liberation is the only one of its kind in central London. Just a whiplash away from Covent Garden tube, it’s the home of Libidex latex clothing, with a wonderful selection of our rubber fashions. Come and speak to our friendly staff who can help you try our latex clothing on, advise you how to look your best, and give you lots of tips about fetish fashion and the fetish scene. Liberation is also well-stocked with gifts, accessories, adult toys and our famous collection of kinky antiques!

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Keep up to date with what’s on in the fetish world with our news & events pages. They’re full of information on upcoming fetish events, clubs, and parties all over the world, and there’s lots of news about what’s going on in latex fashion, which celebrities are wearing rubber, and where Libidex latex clothes are being worn.



The fetish scene is vibrant and increasingly popular, and latex clothing gives you the entrée to a fantastic range of fetish clubs, shows, events and fun all over the world! You can find out what’s on, what’s in, what’s new, what’s coming up in fetish and rubber by keeping an eye on our website news page and subscribing to our mailing list for special promotions and our regular newsletter. See what celebrities are wearing in latex, find out how to get the best from your latex clothing, how to look good in it, and check out new Libidex latex designs. And if you’re in London, come along to our latex boutique Liberation in Covent Garden, central London’s only – and kinkiest – fetish emporium.

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